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The story about Filipino boxers in Australia goes deeper than what people see on the surface level.

The three boxers who went AWOL will be in real trouble if they do not return of their own free will soon. Deportation is the likely option, never to return. But if they decide to come back to their Campbelltown residence soon, they could plead that they had merely taken a much-needed ”vacation” or ”break”.

It’s a flood zone!

For the simple reason that the new site at No. 80 Grange Avenue in Schofields is a flood zone, it is highly unlikely that Blacktown Council will authorise construction of any building in the new MPC property. This was the information gathered directly from reliable sources within the council.


by Carlos Borromeo, San Francisco USA

The entire Filipino nation has grown blind, deaf, dumb and insensitive from the years of intolerable abuse turned tolerable by consecutive abusive administrations. Common Sense dictates that the developing plunder that is the continuing attempt to craft the NBN-ZTE deal is a crime against the people of the Philippines. It is actually happening before the nation’s eyes “in flagrante delicto”.


by Aurora Pijuan

The 11th of February and 71st birthday of our youngest sibling Sister Joseph Mary of the Religious of the Good Shepherd, was a thoroughly bad day for both Sister Joseph and myself. For more than ten hours we had to endure almost the same moral and spiritual sufferings of NBN-ZTE scandal witness Jun Lozada.


by Jaime K. Pimentel

Three Filipino boxers, here on temporary sports visas, were reported missing or absent without leave (AWOL) from their quarters in Sydney’s southwestern suburb of Liverpool this week.

Junior-lightweight Walrito Paderna, welterweight Jason Oyao, and junior-welterweight Arnel Balicuatro are now being sought by Green Valley police and Australian immigration authorities alerted by their manager Dido Bohol, of Bohol Boxing Stable where the boxers reside with seven others.