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In reviewing the Trust Declaration of the Philippine Australian Community Foundation Inc. (PACFI), Philippine Tribune has determined that it is the responsibility of the original Trustor or Executor of the Trust Deed to ensure that the Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC) is properly managed. It must be emphasized here that the real owners of the MPC is the Philippine Community from whom million-dollar donations were obtained.

Ergo, if the Philippine Community is not satisfied with the governance and actions of the Directors of PACFI or MPC Board, it is incumbent upon Father Renato Paras (the Executor of the Trust Deed) to declare all positions vacant and appoint new Trustees. This process can be done in consultation with Father Raning Creta, his successor as Filipino Chaplain and the Philippine Community in general.


Over the past two years, Philippine Tribune has published articles on Bevan Calvert, a Filipino-Australian handball player. For our readers who may have missed those articles, allow us to share some background on this young dynamo.


WHEN five young Ateneo alumni turned up at the Emerton Leisure Centre’s indoor basketball court last month, the Blue Eagles began to form the first authentic Ateneo Australia Blue Eagles Basketball Team.

The ”first five” were Chino Audencial, Fidel Fernando, Andro Lopez, Michael Almario and Richard de Guzman. The team immediately warmed up with round-robins, practice shooting, a three-on-three before scrimmaging against Marco Selorio’s well-oiled Filipino New South Wales team for 10 minutes.

The Eagles’ first-five looked good on all departments ~ shooting, rebounds and speed. Only lacking was good team coordination, which was understandable considering this was the players’ first scrimmage together.


by Jaime Pimentel

I’m happy to report that the Filipino contingent at the Anzac Day parade marched as one today ~ if divided. And I marched as the only former ROTC cadet (from the Ateneo de Manila Air ROTC company) with no objections from either the APSL Inc. or the APSL NSW.

Until about 10 minutes before we marched, however, the APSL Inc. group and the APSL NSW group took formations at separate positions in the parade line-up: One group stood behind the Indonesian contingent and the other behind the Vietnamese contingent.


In his letter to MP Paul Gibson, Richard Van Bueren of Doonside reported that he suffered injuries while riding a bus from Blacktown on his way home to Doonside. He sent a copy of the letter to Philippine Tribune.

According to him, the bus was full and he was standing behind the driver waiting for his ticket to be issued.

In standing position, Van Bueren was still finding a place for his trolley when the driver suddenly drove off, causing him to lose his balance. He was thrown to one side and his head hit the metal post behind the driver. The injury made him dizzy and caused his vision to be blurry. He eventually reported the incident to Senior Constable Michelotti of Blacktown Police who in turn directed him to establish contact with the Bus Depot. Van Bueren was later treated for head and eye injuries at Pacific Medical Centre in Kildare Road, Blacktown.