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by Benjie de Ubago

I was recently informed by a reliable source that the Multi-Purpose Centre was allegedly selling shares. The news sent shock waves to the system.

Let’s summarize. In 2004, they called for a press conference at Parramatta Town Hall, informing us that they were planning to sell the Rooty Hill site. They provided four options but no decision as to which direction was to be taken. At this meeting, the group was also insistent that the MPC was started in 1991 to which I kept insisting that it must have been earlier than that as I had already . . .


Juliet Arrogante and her son Renerio IV are in Sydney seeking as many signatures they could gather from Filipino Australians. Their objective is for the Australian government to intervene so that the criminal case lodged against the suspected killer of Renerio ‘Jun’ Arrogante III would be heard in Manila instead of Daanbantayan in Cebu. With the powerful clout of the suspected mastermind, the Arrogante family is very much in doubt that justice will prevail if the court hearing will take place in Cebu.


What is ‘pagpag’? If you don’t know, read on!

For the poor who live in slums around garbage dumps in Metro Manila, it is food – actually leftover pieces of chicken or morsels of meat swarming with ants and other impurities. Yes, it is food that they call ‘pagpag.’ (Pagpag means to shake off.) They shake off the ants but not the salmonella and e-coli that inhabit the left-over meat.


For those who have not heard of it yet, Botong Pinoy is a software that will fully automate the election process in the Philippines. Once adopted by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), it will ensure honest and speedy election results because the counting of ballots is tamper proof. Thus, the so-called dagdag-bawas (addition-subtraction) strategy of many politicians and their cohorts in the electorate will be completely eliminated.

The software is easily installed in any personal computer and is user-friendly. It is composed of three modules which can operate individually by themselves but which can easily be integrated to form one complete TOTAL election solution. It has built-in safeguards against fraud and manipulation, and has specific design features to help even the disabled and the illiterates in voting.


Readers are warned not to open SMS or text messages from unknown senders.

There are at least two companies stealing money from unsuspecting owners of mobile phones. They somehow manage to obtain mobile phone numbers and other personal data of people. Then they send unsolicited SMS messages which are in essence nonsense. In the process, they drain whatever prepaid credits are stored in one’s mobile phone DRY! By merely opening the text message, the entire prepaid balance is fully liquidated.

If you are a plan holder and you happen to open an unsolicited text message, you are likely to be surprised by the astronomical amount being charged next time you receive your phone bill.