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From 1 January, the new national scheme started rolling out to allow seniors to use their concession cards outside their home state.

“This scheme will provide incentives for seniors to take holidays and visit family members interstate as well as boosting communities and businesses that depend on tourism” Mr. Price said.

The Australian Government has offered almost $50 million over four years to State and Territory Governments including $22,649,177 for NSW. This funding will provide concessions to Senior Card holders who are using public transport services outside their home state.

Until now, Seniors Cards have only entitled the holder to public transport concession in their home state.

“The new arrangements will mean seniors travelling interstate can now access cheaper fares on local transport in their destination city”.

To apply for a Seniors Card contact Mr. Price’s office on 9625 4344 or visit


The Hon John Aquilina MP, Member for Riverstone, welcomed the launch of a new guide for people suffering mortgage stress.

The Mortgage Stress Handbook, produced by Legal Aid NSW, is now available by visiting or by telephoning (02) 9219 5028.

The handbook offers practical advice for anyone in danger of losing their home or experiencing financial difficulty.


Dear Editor:The former Prime Minister has declared that he would be receiving the US award of the Medal of Freedom on behalf of Australia. A galaxy of ironies seems immediately attached to this statement, or so at least it seems to me. Other names in the press have been mentioned as recipients of that medal. What they don’t mention is that some of the worst dictators in Asia and Latin America have also been recipients of this award. I suppose it depends how you define freedom and who primarily benefits from that definition. The award is often, after all, awarded for “services rendered.” When you realize this, any veil before one’s eyes gets lifted.


It pains me to write about this experience inside the clinic of a General Practitioner whom I have always regarded as a dear friend. But I am compelled to write about it because this GP has done it to me twice.

The first time was when I went to see him some few years ago. I was really feeling very sick but I waited patiently for at least 2 hours, hoping that he would write me a prescription for a much-needed antibiotic. He did not, insisting that I didn’t need it because it was a mere viral infection.

Just when you thought, it can’t be done – it can! Owning your dream home is a distinct possibility! Despite the economic downturn, it is still very possible to own your home.

Contrary to the news of doom, it is an opportune time to invest in your future and secure your home. Families can take advantage of the first home owners grant and other government initiatives available.

The Government has implemented initiatives to encourage spending and on offer is a $7,000 grant for the first home-buyer.

“It’s a matter of knowing where to go and how to access the essential resources available. Most people do not hear about the details of the first home owners grant” says Tes Casin, principal and licencee for Real Property Network.