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It has been reported in Philippine newspapers that both the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives are bent on passing into law a controversial bill. The “Right of Reply” bill mandates that any party who feels aggrieved or offended by any material published or broadcast in any form of media should be allotted the same space or airtime to publish or broadcast his or her own reply within a specific period at no cost.


The Senate, voting 21-0 passed the bill which also stipulates penalties that include fines and possible imprisonment if the media involved fails to comply. The question now arises – Is there any sense in having such a law? (more…)


Here’s one story that Ateneo alumni from all over the world should be interested in reading.

Tara Santelices has been confined at Medical City since  August 6, 2008. She was unconscious for 5 months after being shot in the forehead during a jeepney hold-up in the morning of her birthday.


As of this writing, she has recovered from her comatose state and has long been transferred from ICU. She can now breathe 100% on her own, without the aid of a respirator. Her family longs to take her home.


However, hospital authorities will not release her until her bills are paid. To date, hospital expenses have amounted to 1.8 million pesos (AUD56,250). This amount does not include the cost of medicine and doctor’s fees. (more…)

Philippine Honorary Consul General to Victoria Raul Hernandez confirmed that at least two Filipino-Australians perished in the wildfires that had sprung up in numerous Australian states.


Filipino-Australians sister and brother Melanee Hermocilla, 23, and Jaeson Hermocilla, 21, were house-sitting a Yarra Glen house when they died. Melanee’s boyfriend Greg Lloyd (22 yrs) also died in the same fire. (more…)

In an Australian boxing first, Filipino brothers Danilo and Robert Lerio captured title belts in quick succession late last year to take the number of Filipino boxers who won championships in Australian shores to seven in the last decade alone.

That’s not including former Australian bantamweight champion Todd Makelim, son of a former US Marine and a Filipino mother who campaigned in the 1990s.


Danilo, 28, took the vacant International Boxing Federation (IBF) Austral-Asian flyweight crown from Thailand’s Nuapayak Sakkripin with a TKO in the 11th round at Sweeney’s club in the Sydney suburb of Campbelltown last September. (more…)

To my Sydney readers, I would like to announce that the tickets to the much-awaited Jon Santos, Live and in Persons (yes, there is an ’s’ and it’s not a typo) show at the Burwood RSL on April 4 are now on sale. You can call Conrad Isip at 0410-618-299 and Ala Paredes at 98363494 for arrangements. Tickets are also available at . We will also be setting up a ticket order facility at I will soon come out with a list of more outlets.


Meanwhile, I sent Jon Santos a few questions to answer for this blog entry. He was in Hong Kong when he got the questions and so answered me by text! And this is what he said. (more…)