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Quite often, justice is depicted as a blindfolded woman holding a weighing scale, which in turn represents evidence presented in court.  It is the sworn duty of the judge or the jury to weigh the evidence to determine whether or not the defendant is guilty.


But facts can be twisted and sometimes, persons who take an oath on the witness stand are guilty of perjury and only God knows if they are telling the truth. There is also the possibility that material evidence can be tampered with or sanitised for the benefit of the accused or the plaintiff.


Those who are familiar with the story of Reginald Rose’s “Twelve Angry Men” will have a better understanding of jury trial.


Another important aspect in a court hearing is the eloquence of barristers. A skilled barrister can ask a series of questions that may confuse a witness to unwittingly reveal himself. Of course, the barrister who cross-examines his own client will skilfully lead his witness to a particular line of thought to establish the desired effect on the judge or magistrate.


Such is legal practice in many parts of the world and Australia is no exception. There must always be the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. We have heard of many cases when the innocent is convicted or when the guilty party is freed. 


In the end, God will be the ultimate judge for it is He who knows the truth. The guilty may escape punishment on earth but not on the day of final judgment.


“The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” – (Mark Anthony’s oration over the dead body of Julius Caesar.) ?

Miss Carmen Soriano, one of our famous Philippine Chanteuse from way back, is arriving in Sydney on April 28, 2009 to perform in one dinner show in Rooty Hill on Saturday, May 2. Carmen will also appear in shows in Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, The Gold Coast and in Melbourne.

Fans who still swoon at the sweet and melodious voice of the beautiful and sexy Carmen Soriano will always remember her songs. The former movie actress then crossed over very successfully to television, having three different shows during the 80s – “For Men Only,” “Carmen on Camera,” and “Carmen in Colour.”


Australian audiences have clamoured for a long time for Carmen to perform in Australia. Their wishes have now been granted as Carmen visits us to perform during May this year. – ?

It seems that the compensation case has finally been resolved out of court with an undisclosed amount accepted by the Cabides family.


We received confirmed reports that Joel Cabides has recently flown back to the Philippines (presumably for a brief holiday) with his parents, Brigadier General Joseph Cabides and his wife.


The Cabides family has been granted permanent residency in Australia by the Department of Immigration, just before Labor government took over the Howard administration. (more…)


Retired Philippine Navy and United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) graduate Captain Tony Subijano, took over as the new Commandant of the Australia Philippines Services League NSW Chapter (APSL NSWC). He replaced retired Philippine Navy Commander Rick Palenzuela during an emergency meeting held at Blacktown RSL on Saturday, 14 March 2009. 


Retired Philippine Attorney-at-Law Ted Aritao, a WWII veteran accepted the position as the new Deputy Commandant while Australian Defence Force Major Tom Baena was retained as Chief of  Staff of APSL NSWC.  (more…)

It was gathered from a very reliable source that Rachel Ann Diaz has been repatriated to Sydney in late February this year. She is now confined in an Australian Correctional Facility. It was reported that the Diaz family had to pay the New South Wales government more than $10,000 to make the transfer from the Hong Kong jail.


Rachel Diaz is no hardened criminal. She had no record of any previous conviction. She was lured to go to Hong Kong and given free airfare without knowing that she was dealing with a drug syndicate. It was in Hong Kong when she learned that she was to be used as a drug mule.


Hong Kong Police barged into her cheap hotel room while she was being forced to swallow condoms containing prohibited drugs. She was arrested and meted a jail term of 10 years.


At the time of her transfer to Sydney, she has completed 3 years of her prison term in Hong Kong. According to our sources, the family is hopeful that Australian authorities will commute her sentence to a shorter term. – ?