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Pauline Peralta of Travel Access offers a very special rate of only $899 to Sydney-Manila-Sydney passengers, inclusive of taxes. Travel period covered is from October 12 to November 18 and from January 24, 2010 to March 26, 2010.

Because of strong clamor from our readers, many of whom were still willing to pay $1.00 for a copy of this paper, the management of Philippine Sentinel has decided to make copies available for free starting this month of October 2009.

As demand for advertising space continues to grow, Philippine Sentinel is now being distributed in many more Filipino and Asian stores all over New South Wales. This paper has an established readership profile of more than 20,000 and is the most-sought-after Philippine newspaper in NSW. Circulation will soon expand to other states in Australia as we continue to receive news articles from as far as Perth and the Northern Territory through our active website. Our objective is to have a copy of Philippine Sentinel in every Filipino home in Australia. – ?

Edward Miranda, 21, a student of the University of Newcastle, was mauled in front of a bus stop in Newcastle. Suddenly, a car stopped and one of the passengers demanded for his wallet. Thinking it was a joke, he did not comply and was hit a number of times on his face and body. After the assailants fled, onlookers brought him to a hospital where he was treated for injuries.

According to our informant, the young Miranda was initially confined at the Intensive Care Unit but was released soon after and was declared out of danger. A few days later, he felt different and was brought back to the hospital for a CT scan. The test revealed internal haemorrhage close to his brain.

He needs only one more semester to complete his studies in International Business but may have to return soon to his hometown in Cebu City because of serious damage that he sustained during the attack.

Edward is a grandnephew of Ambassador Frank Benedicto. International students in Newcastle have been targets of robbery and assault since the start of the economic downturn. Edward is the youngest son of Erwin and Marissa Miranda who are now in Sydney because of the incident. – ?

Not too long ago, the U.S. government stampeded the entire Philippine military and police forces to locate a missing American woman named Julia Campbell, ostensibly a Peace Corps member. She was found dead and buried in a shallow grave up in Ifugao Province. She must have been a very valuable asset to her government that American officials did not hesitate to bamboozle their Filipino bloodhounds to find her. The Americans never officially explained their big deal over Julia Campbell. They must have felt no need to explain anything to their Filipino colonial subjects. After all, Americans regularly flush Filipino sovereignty down the toilet. So why explain anything. (more…)

Why are cruise ships docking in Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Korea and others, when these places are no better than Manila or Cebu? This story was written by a Filipino couple who now lives in the United States. They want to share with the readers of Philippine Sentinel what they discovered as the reason why cruise ships skip Manila.

According to the husband, he and his wife take cruises regularly. They often talk to the Filipino crew whenever they take a 12-day Mediterranean cruise. The husband asked a Filipino waiter why all their Asian cruises skip Manila when they go to all the neighbouring countries of the Philippines.

He asked why Manila was not part of their itinerary. The Filipino waiter explained: “In the past, we had cruises that dock in Manila but the Customs Inspectors were very greedy so management decided to take a different route. During inspection time which happens upon arrival and departure, the Customs Inspectors, with their wives and children, board the ship to have a free meal. Before they finally give a clearance certificate for the ship to depart, they always ask for cigarettes and liquor. It is only in Manila where we experience that kind of treatment. The Filipino crew members were really embarrassed by their behaviour. We never had that kind of experience in other Asian ports.”

Most cruise ships have an average of 2,000 to 3,000 passengers.
Imagine the loss of tourism revenue for the Philippines because many cruise ships do not go to the Philippines. – ?