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Dear Editor,

I want to share with readers of Philippine Sentinel how my children were treated by their music teacher and his wife. During one school holiday, members of a Community Band (to which they belong) were invited to the house of their music teacher. They were instructed to bring their own packed lunch. At lunch time, my son started to eat the food that he brought. The teacher’s wife asked one student to collect $5.00 from each person in the band to buy KFC. (more…)

Apartment 6 on Walsh Street has been quiet for several weeks now. Neighbours say the tenant, Philippine Labor Attaché Victor Julio Ablan, left without saying goodbye. If allegations are true, he also left without settling his debts.

Ablan fled Australia last month. He was recalled by the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment following a recommendation made by the Philippine Embassy due to alleged “unpaid obligations” and “deceit.” (more…)

A former Filipino teacher working as Electoral Outreach and Training Coordinator under the United Nations Volunteers Program in Afghanistan was one of five UN personnel killed in the latest terrorist bombing in Kabul last October 28, 2009. (more…)

The prevailing attitude among Filipinos, especially the elite, ensures that atrocities like the Maguindanao executions will continue unless we become serious about our liberal democratic inheritance and enforce its principles even with the barrel of a gun. (more…)

Singapore. November 13-14, 2009. The APEC CEO Summit 2009 brought together more than 800 of the world’s top business leaders to Singapore to meet with leaders of some of the Pacific Rim’s most powerful nations.

The chairman of Gawad Kalinga, Tony Meloto, was invited to be one of the speakers during the two-day summit at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Because engagement between the public and private sector was the highlight of the summit, interactive open dialogue and panel discussions paved the way for the alignment of APEC policies and goals with global business. (more…)