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It was May 1980 when I arrived in the Philippines and prepared to take command of the U.S. Naval Supply Depot (NSD) on the Philippines Navy base at Subic Bay. It was a dream assignment for a U.S. Navy Captain who loved the business of the Navy. At the change of command, a young Philippine dignitary came up to greet me. It was the new youthful mayor of Olongapo, Dick Gordon. What a day to remember. The next two years the Philippines would be my wife’s and my home and Dick Gordon would become my friend.

Dick Gordon had just taken over as mayor and invited me to his office. He asked for my help as a base commanding officer. He had plans. The city had little money and he wanted to help the families of firefighters and the police. Taking advantage of Olongapo’s reputation as an entertainment city, he organized quarterly “Mardi Gras,” street parades of student groups, dancers, musicians, marchers, etc., fantastic street parties that would raise money for the community. He charged a peso to come on to the streets. Sailors on liberty were not happy about having to pay. But soon everyone joined in. It was all about benefiting the people of Olongapo. Helping those that served the people of Olongapo. That is why I remember Dick Gordon. (more…)

The event is usually held towards the end of each year. According to its founder and President Manny Castillo, Fiesta Kultura is “a fund raiser for the disabled athletes representing the Philippines who participated in the Pacific School Games which was held in Sydney.” It was established in 1988.

Sometime last year, I was “offered” an entrance ticket by a member of the organizing committee. If I remember correctly, the cost of the ticket was $20. I thought it was being given to me because of my being a member of media. I was wrong. He was actually selling me the ticket. I politely declined; I did not buy the ticket and did not bother to attend the fiesta. I gave him the excuse that I had other commitments on that particular day. Some people have the nerve to sell tickets to media, and even expect that they would get free publicity for the event. (more…)

Whatever the merits of your abstract argument about the presumption of innocence, let me assure you that Manny Villar is far from innocent. He is as crooked and greedy as they come.

Winnie Monsod has made a very good case about his crookedness in the Parañaque road projects that passed through his properties at his behest as a lawmaker, enabling him to sell some of his land to the government at much more than market prices and to reap many millions in property appreciation from the government roads. (more…)

We acknowledge the concerns and opinions of all those who have expressed themselves in electronic mails. We are also aware of the allegations voiced out by the opposition (some were members of the 2009 board) who failed to make it to the current board. It was their choice to forfeit the election by withdrawing their nominations. (more…)

Blacktown City Council announced Julie Nunez as the 2010 Blacktown City Woman of the Year. The announcement was made during the International Women’s Day Breakfast at Blacktown City council on 8 March 2010. (more…)