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“I am writing you in order to address my concern regarding the upcoming concert of Philippine Superstar NORA AUNOR this 29 August 2010 in Sydney.

“As we all know and as it has been broadcasted in the Philippine News including the Filipino Channel and Channel 7 Kapuso, Nora Aunor can no longer sing due to complications she had when she underwent plastic surgery. (more…)

As part of its expansion program, Philippine Sentinel is now accepting applications for the position of Sales Representative. Limited number of positions available.

Interested parties must be energetic, pleasant looking, presentable and possess a valid driver’s license.

Please call mobile: 0450 556 565 for an interview. ?

Hundreds of thousands of armyworms have attacked crops in Bataan and Batangas, affecting a huge area of agricultural land that produces rice, fruits and vegetables. In Mariveles alone, more than 10 hectares of land planted with various crops have been completely destroyed by hornworms, armyworms and cutworms. Also attacked by the worms are the towns of Morong and Limay in Batangas.

The worms have likewise destroyed grasslands making the area barren and useless for grazing.

The adult armyworm is a light brownish grey moth with a conspicuous white spot about the size of a pinhead on each front wing. When expanded, the wings are about 2 inches across. – ?

Last month, the Prime Minister of Australia Ms Julia Gillard was asked on national television if she believed in God. Her answer: “I don’t believe in God. I am not a religious person.”

I was shocked to learn that a learned person, educated enough to be the prime minister of a wealthy nation, does not believe in God. It was utterly disappointing to know that Ms Gillard is an atheist, a non-believer.

It scares me to think what kind of policies her administration would implement on this predominantly Christian country.

I was born of Catholic parents, educated in a Catholic school and have been a practicing Catholic all my life. I know I will die a Catholic and will continue to profess my faith until the day I leave this planet to be reunited with my Creator.

For the past 15 years, I have always been an active supporter of the Labor Party. I doubt if I will vote for Ms Gillard this coming election. Opposition leader Tony Abbott is a Catholic but I don’t like his policies on the working class – “Work Choices” in particular. Now, that’s a real predicament.

Not too long ago, a former classmate asked me to prove that there is a God. My answer was quite simple. I told him, for a person who believes, no proof is necessary but for a non-believer, no amount of proof will ever suffice.

My former job with an international bank required frequent travel to several countries. It is only in Australia where I have met atheists. A workmate at the university once challenged me to a debate about the existence of God. The debate stole many productive hours from our employer but it was well spent. It ended when she declared that she was ready to go to hell. She did not believe in God but she believed in hell after all.

Thereupon, I drew a cigarette lighter from her table, lifted one of her fingers and held it above the flame. “Ouch!” she pulled her finger away. “What did you do that for,” she asked.

“Didn’t you say you were ready to go to hell? Today, it is only the tip of one of your fingers. In hell, it will be your entire being and it won’t be for a split second. You will be roasted for all eternity,” I told her bluntly.

A few years later, that woman caught cancer and eventually died. I was told by her Catholic husband that she received the Sacrament of Reconciliation before she finally closed her eyes.— ? DMC

It was reported in the news that Binay complained about his new office, which is actually an old office used by former vice president Noli de Castro for six years. Binay said that his chair was too big, his office too small, too hot and too bare, and his budget was too small — lesser than one barangay in Makati. But considering that he’s too short — 5’2” without the elevator shoes — for the big chair, it seems that Binay’s ego is too big for his size. Yup, Binay is a man with too many “too’s” — too few of this, too little of that, and too much hot air.

Binay finally had the courage to ask Noynoy for a bigger office that would be fitting for a vice president. Well, to make the story short (no pun intended), Aquino offered Binay the Coconut Palace for his office as well as official residence. Hmmm…. Doesn’t coconut sound like cuckoo nut? What does Noynoy think of Binay, a wang-bu? (A person with a demented mind) Well, Binay doesn’t have too much of a choice — either he accepts the Coconut Palace or he’ll have to settle for Noli’s old office with too few of this, too little of that, and too much hot air. The Coconut Palace would really be fitting for the (former) “Emperor of Makati” — a palace of his own by the Manila Bay where one can fly over the cuckoo’s nest. – ?