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Dear Friends,

Philippine Sentinel Newspaper has initiated a Fund Appeal for our Filipino brothers in Queensland. According to Mauro Somodio, a resident of Brisbane, there are at least 3,000 Filipinos who were affected by flood waters that covered some rooftops in low lying areas like Rockhampton and Toowoomba.

Toowoomba is not exactly in a low-lying area because it is 700 meters above sea level. What hit the area is described as an “inland tsunami.”

Many have lost their homes, cars, furniture, appliances and clothes. Many have lost everything except the clothes they were wearing at the time when flood waters ravaged their homes. Supermarket shelves have been emptied as the flooded areas have been isolated from the rest of civilization.

As president of the Ateneo Alumni Association Australia, I am urging our Board of Directors to pass a resolution to donate an affordable amount to the Filipino Australian Foundation of Queensland through Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) , BSB #064-105 A/C No. 1005 9338.

Other community leaders and individuals are being sent this email and every recipient is urged to make a donation.

    Please do not send money to Philippine Sentinel

. Course your donation through CBA using the bank account indicated above.

Upon receipt of a copy of your remittance receipt, Philippine Sentinel will publish your name or the name of your organisation in the next issue of the monthly publication.

Depending on your instructions, no amount will be published but a confidential running balance will be kept for an audit trail.

Thank you for your generosity.


Dino Crescini
Philippine Sentinel Newspaper
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Calamvale, QLD. 11 January 2011. “It’s the worst flood in 35 years”— thus uttered Jerome Somodio when interviewed by Philippine Sentinel.

Based in Calamvale which is about 15 kms away from the Brisbane River, the youthful 29-year-old Somodio said that the river is expected to rise some 5.5 meters greater than its previous level in 1974.

He said that the lives of some 1,000 Filipinos have been affected by the flood waters in Rockhampton. Somodio added that there are about 2,000 Filipinos living in Toowoomba but the largest number — estimated to be more than 10,000 — is in Brisbane.

Nicknamed “The Garden City,” Toowoomba has an elevation of 691 meters above sea level and yet it was hit by what was described as an “inland tsunami.”

In preparation for the worst to come, an evacuation center has been established at RNA Showground in Brisbane. The center is located in Gregory Terrace at Bowen Hills, next to the Commercial Business District. It can accommodate around 3,000 evacuees.

Another area expected to be hit by the “Flood of the Century” is Ipswich, a suburb and a major urban center of metropolitan Brisbane. Four evacuation sites have been identified in the city which has a population of 160,000.

According to Jerome Somodio, there are about 30,000 homes and businesses located along the Brisbane River that will face significant flooding. The river stretches all the way to a dam in Brisbane.

Appeal for aid

Mauro Somodio who is the Founding President of the Filipino Australian Foundation of Queensland, Inc. (FAFQ) said that donations can be made through the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, BSB No. 064-105, Acct. No.1005 9338. For more information visit

Alternatively, cheques made payable to the Filipino Australian Foundation of Queensland, Inc. can be sent directly to:
PO Box 206, Coopers Plains, QLD 4108.

(Philippine Sentinel owns exclusive copyright on this news item. It may not be copied or reprinted in any form of media without prior written permission from the author.)

In the practice of journalism, it is sometimes inevitable that some people will get hurt. That is what reporting is all about. We report it as it happened. Quite often, the truth hurts. But the people have a right to know and readers of Philippine Sentinel want to know the truth.

In the past, this column has defined journalism as the process of seeking the truth, verifying the truth, and publishing the truth, even if it hurts.

Such is what happened in the case of Dolores Amarille, a tenant of Kapitbahayan Cooperative, as reported by columnist Benjie de Ubago in the September 2010 issue of Philippine Sentinel.

Mrs Amarille was served an eviction notice on 15 June 2010 by Kapitbahayan and was required to leave the premises on 12 July 2010. Amarille stayed past the due date prompting Kapitbahayan president Ruben Amores to take the case to the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT).

Reasons cited on the eviction notice included installation of a TFC antenna without permission; arrears of allegedly 2 weeks rent; and “not fit to be a resident of Kapitbahayan.” CTTT regarded the reasons for eviction as weak and ruled in favor of the tenant. Mrs Amarille won and was allowed to stay.

Court records do not lie

On Monday, the 20th of December 2010, Mr. Amores and the editor of this paper bumped into each other during the HAPAG presentation at Bowman Hall in Blacktown NSW. Maybe he deliberately waited at the staircase for me to come out. Referring to the article of Ms de Ubago about the Amarille case, Amores said that “they were all lies.” He added: “Kasama ka sa kasinungalingan.” (You are part of the falsehood.)

He was obviously referring to my role as editor of Philippine Sentinel. Did he really expect me not to publish the column of Ms de Ubago? Or maybe, he expected me (for whatever reasons) to censor or revise the report made.

But court records do not lie. At the time of publication and up to the present, I am satisfied that my columnist exercised due prudence in doing her research about the Amarille case. That is what journalism is all about –
seeking the truth, verifying the truth and publishing the truth, even if it hurts.

Apparently, Mr. Amores was hurt by the article of Ms de Ubago. I owe him no apology and will not make any apology, ever! He does not deserve any apology coming from me. He should, in fact make the apology for claiming that I was part of the falsehood.

By the way, during the unscheduled meeting, I invited Mr. Amores to send us his reply to the column of Benjie de Ubago. I promise to publish it verbatim. – ? Dino Crescini

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I am not a fortune teller and I definitely do not believe in Madam Auring or in her clandestine practice of foretelling the future. I look at the stars once in a while and marvel at the beauty of the heavens but still, I do not see the connection between the stars and what the future will bring. I am not a psychic like Jaime Licauco neither do I believe in astrology. My wife once said that I am better off looking at heavenly bodies so I took her cue and stared at shapely models of FHM and Playboy Magazines.

Just for fun, let us look at my century-old goldfish bowl which has been converted into a crystal ball and take a peek at what 2011 may bring us:

? The Filipino Multi-Purpose Center (or whatever they call it now) will remain uncompleted but Luz Tiqui and Manny Villon will continue door-to-door solicitations for a direct-debit authority in their attempt to service the loan obtained to purchase the flood-prone property in Schofields.
? The Australian Labor Party will continue to dominate Blacktown Council and Liberal Party Councillor Jess Diaz will still encounter difficulty having a resolution passed.
? The Philippine Community Council NSW (PCC) will remain as the peak body representing the Filipino community but there will be some chaos in next month’s election as some candidates will make an attempt to cheat.
? At least 2 Filipino candidates will run for a seat in the Federal and State Parliament but due to lack of finances and support from the Filipino community, not one will win.
? There will be more Filipino entertainers imported from Manila but producers will encounter some difficulty in selling tickets because of what happened during the Nora Aunor “Concert.” She could not even sing Silent Night.
? Fugitive Senator Panfilo Lacson will come out of hiding to finally face the charges laid against him in connection with the Dacer murder case. The Arroyo infested Supreme Court justices will find Lacson not guilty for “lack of evidence.”
? Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao will knockout Shane Mosley before the 8th round to gain his 9th world title.
? The Philippine economy will improve slightly as President Noynoy gains more confidence from foreign investors but the exodus of Overseas Filipino Workers will continue because of lack of employment opportunities in the country.
? Analiza Capili and her family will be granted permanent residency through ministerial intervention.
? Forest fires will devastate some parts of Australia but more arsonists will be caught and jailed.

People who have trust in God will fear not what the future might bring.