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According to the Code of Canon Law, Article 1, No. 903: “A priest is to be permitted to celebrate the Eucharist, even if he is not known to the rector (parish priest) of the church, provided either that he presents commendatory letters (faculty or celebret), not more than a year old, from his own Ordinary or Superior (bishop)…

Fr. Raul del Prado, a diocesan priest from the Philippines, has so far failed to present any kind of document from any Philippine bishop that he is indeed recommended to perform his priestly functions in Australia.

In spite of the absence of a celebret, his sister Mrs. Emma de Vera confirms that the priest continues to say mass.

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By her own admission, Emma de Vera who is a sister of Fr. Raul del Prado said that her brother continues to say mass. Her declaration was made during an informal “Kapihan” monthly gathering of Filipino press people to which she does not really belong. Among those present were Jaime Pimentel, Emma’s husband Ric de Vera, Romy Cayabyab, Titus Filio and this writer.

Mrs. De Vera likewise said that other people are present during the mass which Fr. Raul celebrates in his own private dwelling at Leumeah, NSW. She in fact invited this writer to attend mass at the Kapitbahayan Cooperative premises where the priest apparently says mass regularly. (more…)

Theatre actor and film director Marcelino Cavestany expressed disappointment over the recent NSW Premier’s Filipino Community Awards which was held on March 2, 2011.

In an open letter to media, Cavestany wrote: “In their best intentions to deliver the goods ASAP, the administrators of this award negated any and all room for community consultation that could have allowed for more systematic and democratic process of pre-selection based on clear-cut selection criteria crafted and distilled by the community in close coordination with the Community Relations Commission (CRC) so that there won’t be any pointing of accusing fingers later, when push comes to shove.” (more…)

I have often been suspicious, even disliked, award presentations, especially those given by politicians. But these NSW Premier’s Awards were so blatantly patronising to our Filipino community it made me puke. How could an intelligent community like ours be conned into taking part in these awards?

Not only were the awards clearly a political gambit by a desperate political party to win votes at the State elections only weeks away, but the manner in which they were carried out was nothing short of farcical. (more…)

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