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Coordinated team effort rescues Filipina from Arab husband by Dino Crescini

    June 8, 2011. St. Marys, NSW

. A news reporter of Philippine Sentinel, a barrister, a Filipino priest and NSW police rescued today a woman from her husband’s home in Sydney’s western suburbs.

According to Virginia (not her real name), she arrived in Australia in early February this year on the strength of a spouse’s visa. Since then for the past four months, her 66-year old husband has been brutalizing her. The Arab who hails from Sudan appeared to be meek and mild-mannered when met by Blacktown Migrant Workers Union president Neil Galang. He was accompanied by his solicitor Joe Borg when they went to a house in St. Marys to rescue the Filipina whose real name cannot be revealed for reasons of security.

“He’s a monster in bed, and he derives sexual satisfaction by beating me,” said the Bicolana who is a native of Legaspi City, Albay. “I couldn’t call the police because he is always by my side whenever I use the telephone. He allows me to use the internet, but he keeps an eye on the computer screen.”

The man pleaded with Mr. Borg to give him another chance, even promising that he won’t beat or maltreat his wife ever again. Sensing that the Arab is really a sadist, the solicitor was firm and did not agree to leave without taking Virginia, who is now being looked after in an undisclosed home for battered wives.

While Galang and Borg were inside the house, NSW Police were waiting outside to ensure that there would be no untoward incident. Police could not directly intervene because there was no official complaint against Virginia’s husband. “It was impossible for me to call the police because he always makes sure that he is within hearing range whenever I want to use the telephone,” said Virginia during the exclusive interview conducted by Philippine Sentinel.

Neil Galang, who is also a news reporter of this paper, was tipped off by a Filipino priest who learned of Virginia’s perils in the hands of her husband.

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They have a popular slogan: “The burgers taste better at Hungry Jacks.” Many people have been attracted to this claim versus what is being sold at other burger outlets.

My wife and I tried it once and since then, we have kept on coming back for more at various Hungry Jacks outlets including the ones at Glendenning, Parklea and Westpoint in Blacktown.

There was this particular time when I was not very hungry and I wanted some onion rings. Being a senior citizen, I know that I am entitled to a free cup of cappuccino or coffee by simply showing my Senior’s Card.

But this woman manager of Hungry Jacks at Westpoint refused to give me my cup of cappuccino. Her name tag showed Ms Gardiner, She said: “You have to buy a burger to be entitled to a free cup of cappuccino.”

I normally get a cheeseburger that costs $2.25. But that particular time, I was paying $3.65 for some onion rings. That was more money than the less expensive burger that would entitle me to free cappuccino.

“That’s management policy,” said Ms. Gardiner who was arrogant and devoid of any ability or intention to exercise customer courtesy.

The burgers probably taste better at Hungry Jacks but they should review their policy. Better yet, their managers probably require more training in dealing with senior citizens. – Rio Matro of Glenwood, NSW

Modern technology has enabled man to accomplish gigantic tasks. With a stroke of his pen, or using a keyboard, an engineer can literally change the face of the earth. All he needs to do is draft a plan and manage the project to completion. Such is what happened in Dubai, UAE. They now have what is known as the Palm Island, a man-made archipelago where hotels and other infrastructures have been constructed.

Only 5 months ago, Philippine Sentinel started publishing a series of articles about a Filipino priest who has been saying mass in Australia without a celebret, or the required document from his Philippine bishop endorsing him to a local bishop in Australia. Such is prescribed by the Canon Law which would have legitimized all his liturgical activities in Sydney.

Fr. Raul del Prado, a diocesan priest, has undoubtedly been hurt by the editorials written about him in this paper. But hurting him was not the intention of this newspaper. He must have thought it was a personal attack. It was not. If he thought it was, then he did not see the big picture.

All that we wanted to accomplish was for him to do the right thing—to obtain a celebret.

Only a few days ago, we received unconfirmed reports that Fr. Raul left for the Philippines. The report has remained unconfirmed because he has refused to talk to media. But we also learned that many of his followers attended a farewell mass in an undisclosed location. The alleged purpose was to raise money to cover his living expenses during the trip.

We can only hope that he becomes successful in his mission and return to Australia as a legitimate member of the clergy. He should then be assigned to a parish.

When that happens, Philippine Sentinel shall be more than happy to make the announcement, provided of course that the celebret is verified and authenticated.

Such is the power of the pen. It can move mountains; it can move people. We wish you success in your mission, Fr. Raul.
- Dino Crescini

    Mt. Druitt, NSW

. “I owe it to my years of experience as a chef in 5-star hotels in Manila and in Sydney,” said the shy owner of Pabico Fast Food and Grocery shop at Westfield Shopping Centre in Mt. Druitt.

Lope Pabico was commenting on the “A” rating his restaurant got from a recent Food Premises Assessment Report made by the Food Regulatory Authority of Blacktown Council.

His restaurant was inspected and received a perfect rating in all aspects that include health and hygiene, food handling, pest exclusion measures, eating and drinking utensils, storage facilities, design and construction of premises, among all other matters that reflect on food safety.

Mr. Pabico applies the same measures of health and hygiene at Pabico Club 55, also located in Mt. Druitt where he serves quality dinner at a very affordable price of only $7.00. Both locations have become a favourite family meeting place since he took over management.

On a related development, Magnolia Restaurant fronting the train station in Doonside is now closed. Prior to its closure, the restaurant was owned by Teresa Pacubas who now concentrates on NuSkin Beauty and Anti-aging Products.

Federal Parliament passed legislation this week that delivers on the Gillard Government’s election commitment to help age pensioners keep more of the money they earn at work.

The new Work Bonus will be available from 1 July this year, allowing age pensioners to earn more from work before it affects their pension.

Federal Member for Chifley, Ed Husic welcomed the passage of this legislation saying that it recognises the contribution that age pensioners continue to make to our community.

“There are a number of age pensioners who still feel that they have something to contribute either on a voluntary or paid basis,” Mr Husic said.

“In the past, many age pensioners have wanted to work but have been concerned about the impact it may have on their pensions.”

Under the new rules, pensioners will be able to earn up to $250 a fortnight without it being assessed as income under the income test.

Pensioners will also be able to build up any unused amount of the $250 fortnightly exemption in an ‘income bank’ to a total of $6,500.

Age pensioners will not have to apply for the Work Bonus but will need to continue to report their employment income to Centrelink in fortnights that it changes, so their Work Bonus can be calculated.

“These measures build on the significant increases to the pension the Australian Government delivered in September 2009,” Mr Husic said.

“Currently a single pensioner on the maximum rate is $128 better off per fortnight than they were before the reforms and couples combined on the maximum rate are $116 better off per fortnight.”