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    NEW YORK, July 20, 2011

/PRNewswire/ — Castle Harlan, Inc., the New York private equity investment firm, announced that it has promoted Anand T. Philip to Managing Director and that Joyce M. Demonteverde has joined the firm as Vice President. Ms. Demonteverde had previously been with Castle Harlan, Inc. prior to going to the Harvard Business School. (more…)

The following email was sent through the email group of Filpressyd (Filipino Press Club of Sydney). It was addressed to the editor of Philippine Sentinel.


As an added thank you, I have reserved 6 candles for you— 1 candle for each month that you so brilliantly featured my brother Fr Raul (del Prado) in your newsletter.

So you can really rest in peace.

Emma de Vera

Mrs. Emma De Vera is a travel agent and owner of newly-opened Travel Access in Flushcombe Road in Blacktown.

It is unfortunate that she can’t handle the truth about her brother, Fr. Raul del Prado who, until his departure for the Philippines some few weeks ago, has continued to clandestinely say mass in restaurants and other undisclosed places.

It has been confirmed that the priest has no ‘celebret’ and is therefore not authorised by any Australian bishop to say mass in Australia.

Philippine Sentinel in turn thanks Emma de Vera for including the word ‘brilliant’ because we cannot say the same of her. Moreover, we are not offering any candle as the cost of one candle is too much for her. – Dino Crescini

This project was started more than 20 years ago, way back in late 1989 when some community leaders decided to raise funds to put up what was then known as the Filipino Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC). The project was fully supported by the Filipino Catholic Organization of Sydney (FILCOS).

Somehow, the MPC Board decided to change the name to Philippine Australian Cultural Centre (PACC) although management has remained in the hands of the Philippine Australian Community Foundation, Inc. (PACF).
Fr. Renato Paras who will soon be retiring as Parish Priest of St. Aidan’s Church in Rooty Hill signed the original Trust Deed as Settlor. However, the former Filipino Chaplain has not been very active in the management and activities of MPC. (more…)

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Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao paid over PHP230 million for the 1,538 sq. m. property in North Forbes, Makati City. At current prevailing exchange rate, that amount translates to some AUD 5,127,000.00. The property was bought from Lorenzo Tan, president of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation who in turn bought it from Marcos’ era Deputy Trade Minister Edgardo Tordesillas in 2007. (more…)