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    November 30, 2011

. An earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale has hit off the Philippines’ main island of Luzon, according to Philippine seismologists.

The quake occurred at 8:26 am local time Wednesday, the seismologists said.

The undersea quake’s epicenter was off the western coast of the northern province of Zambales, about 230 kilometers (142 miles) northwest of the capital, Manila, AFP reported.

No casualties have been reported and no tsunami warning has yet been issued by local authorities.

“This won’t cause much damage because this is far from land,” said Renato Solidum, director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

The institute added, however, that aftershocks are expected.

The Philippines lies in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire — an area where continental plates collide, causing frequent quakes and volcanic activities.

The Ateneo Alumni Christmas picnic originally scheduled for December 3, 2011 has been cancelled. The cancellation was decided by the organising committee due to poor response from members many of whom are on holiday in the Philippines.

The Ateneo Alumni Australia is inviting all former alumni/alumnae of Jesuit schools in the Philippines and Australia to join a family picnic on Saturday, December 3 at Nurragingy Reserve in Doonside, NSW. Take the south entrance to Nurragingy coming from Woodstock Avenue or turn left at the south end of Glendenning Road.

Entrance tickets cost only $10 per person and will entitle him/her to partake in a sumptuous barbeque and drinks.
No need to bring anything except yourself, your spouse and your children. There will be lots of fun and games. Christmas is in the air and we shall be play Christmas Carols.

Tickets are now available. For more information, call Frank Caro at 0423 121 447

Someone just sent me an invitation to attend a Filipino Christmas celebration on December 10 at the Philippine Australian Cultural Centre (PACC) in Schofields NSW. By now, many Filipinos should know that PACC is the resurrected name of the old Filipino Multi-Purpose Centre or MPC. It is located at 80 Grange Avenue, Schofields.

I just might attend, if only to snoop around to see what improvement has been done. After all, the address is not too far away from where I live.

Everybody is supposed to bring a plate. Sorry, I don’t have time to cook but I promise not to partake in any food that will be served.

Many times, I have been asked why this newspaper keeps on attacking the MPC. Correction please. My intention is not to attack per se, but to awaken the Filipino community to act with finality.

After 23 years, and after collecting more than$1 million dollars in donations and grants from the state government, MPC directors have come up with nothing but the acquisition of a property in a flood prone area.

I know I sound like a broken record but the people behind MPC have been deaf to the clamour of the community to resign. They must all resign and be replaced by new blood to regain the confidence of the Filipino community.

So far, only Ric de Vera and Cosme Purruganan have resigned from the board. They did the right thing and we admire their courage. When will the others follow? We call on the original settlor, Fr. Renato Paras to organize a church meeting for this purpose.

Its chairman, Manong Manny Villon has the temerity to claim that no bank will grant the MPC any loan unless the directors occupy permanent positions. Please do not insult the intelligence of the Filipino community.

Reming Biala, a popular accountant, has reportedly bankrolled the Pops Fernandez concert. He is not a director of MPC but has taken keen interest in supporting the project. We ask him to provide Philippine Sentinel a report on the financial result of the concert. We shall publish it for all eyes to see.
Maybe, he should hold the proceeds in a special fund and wait for the new set of directors to decide on what to do with it. Dino Crescini

How could one prevent another [person] from thinking that what has been done is not malicious? How can one say that Father Kevin [Walsh] has psychological problems?

What is wrong with taking care of your ailing mother? Sometimes higher authorities, just like any other human commit mistakes and they don’t realize it. Take the case of what happened to Mother Mary Mackillop and Sister Faustina, where the decisions of their superior were proven to be wrong. I am not suggesting that one has to be disobedient; I am merely pointing out that one really needs to evaluate his decisions and change them if needed.

We love Father Kevin so much. I miss him so dearly. He is such a wonderful, caring and loving priest. My tears are flowing missing this man of God. He moves me every time he explains the Gospel. I cried on all [his] masses and felt closer to God while listening to his words. I also feel the hurt he is feeling now.

He loved his vocation so much and to take that [away] from him is like someone crushing and smashing your dreams right in front of you. Tearing it into pieces while you are left crying and cannot do anything. Why should this happen?

Joey Oasis