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In his letter to the editor of this newspaper, Mr. Jojo Laquian, well-known Sports Consultant of Blacktown City Council complained about Mrs. Emma de Vera, owner of Travel Access which is based in Flushcombe Road in Blacktown. Laquian alleged that de Vera made a booking at Star City for ABS-CBN entertainers who never showed up. The booking was made under the hotel’s guaranteed reservation system.

It turned out that Emma de Vera made another booking at Hotel Sofitel. She claimed that the reservation at Star City was cancelled but hotel records indicate that no such cancellation was made. A demand letter for payment was sent to de Vera. As of press time, no response from de Vera has been received by Mr. Laquian or the hotel.

I have been a loyal employee of Star City Hotel for a long time. During the past 13 years, I have accommodated requests from friends to book rooms at the hotel using discounted employee rates.

Last September 2011, my wife who is reservations manager of Shangri-La, was approached by Emma de Vera of Travel Access in Blacktown. She wanted to book 4 rooms to be used by ABS-CBN Entertainers from Manila. My wife was unable to accommodate Emma’s request because of high occupancy at Shangri-la. So the booking was referred to me and Star City accepted the booking using my own credit card. Later, Mrs. de Vera gave details of her credit card to be used under the hotel’s guaranteed reservation system. The amount involved was $1,260 covering one night for four rooms. (more…)

Your Excellency, Madam Prime Minister,

I was told by my dentist when I last saw him that the Federal government was planning to abolish the Dental Care Plan by the end of December 2011. As of press time, nothing further has been heard about this matter. (more…)

The Philippine government has launched a manhunt for the retired major general tagged by activist groups as “Berdugo (Butcher)” for the string of extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances attributed to him. He was stopped recently by immigration officials at an airport in Pampanga province from leaving the country. He was bound for Singapore. (more…)

A local court has ruled out house detention for former president Gloria Arroyo, even during the Christmas break. Judge Mupas of the Pasay City Regional Trial Court cited security reasons for not allowing Arroyo’s request. She wanted to spend the Christmas holidays in her house in La Vista, Quezon City. (more…)