MANILA, Philippines – Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa reportedly wants Filipinos as her screen partners in her next movie.

A post in her official Facebook page said an audition will be held for Filipino men this month.

The post came after Ozawa greeted Filipinos just before Christmas. “Hello Philippines,” she greeted in her Facebook account.

Several thousand replies from her fans later, another post with the name and photo of Ozawa said “Mabuhay Philippines!”

“I bought Globe sim!….audition for the bukkake will be soon,” she added. (Bukkake is a Japanese method of serving various types of noodles, in particular udon but it has sexual connotations.)

“Hello guys! Who wants bukkake? The messages were posted by a different account bearing the name of Maria Ozawa. It also has photos of the porn actress reportedly taken in the Philippines.

However, it was reported in ABS-CBN NEWS that the photos in the folder were taken in Indonesia.

The owner of the Maria Ozawa Facebook page, which started the thread, has yet to confirm if she was indeed in the Philippines. Ozawa did not say if she was in Manila but rumours of her visit to the country were posted in the Internet and adult blogs just before Christmas.

Her official blog also did not say if she was indeed in the Philippines and did not mention the porn casting call. The thread has received more than 10,000 “likes,” 535 “shares” and more than 2,400 replies.

Ozawa has made several dozen adult videos and non-porn movies.

Her last adult video was released in April 2010. During the same year, Ozawa had to keep her visit to Indonesia and the filming of her movie secret because of fears of protests from Muslims.
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  1. rdz says:

    sexi mari miyabi

  2. taujr says:

    its gonna be my dream come true bcoz maria ozawa is my dream girl i want a piece of her movie …

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