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This is in response to Jimmy Pimentel’s article on PCC/PACF.

The Philippine Community Council of NSW has been an ex-officio member of the PACF Board since 2003. I categorically deny, on behalf of the PCC Board, that there is any desire or intention of PCC to take over the management of PACF as Mr. Pimentel had alluded to in his article. One can only wonder where Mr. Pimentel gets these stupendously ludicrous ideas from. (more…)

PCC-NSW walked the talk
True to its role as an umbrella body and ever supportive of worthwhile community projects, PCC-NSW did walk the talk by taking responsibility and settling the balance of the Ramos Visit Steering Committee’s bill at Darling Harbour Convention Centre, by supporting the MPC Centre project and raising funds close to $50,000 from events organised by itself or in collaboration with the Philippine Consulate.

Mr Pimentel owes an apology to PCC-NSW for stating that PCC-NSW had to beg MPC to rescue it from litigation and embarrassment. There was no litigation case, impending or pending. PCC-NSW covered for the Steering Committee and raised the funds to pay the balance of $4,778.00. It did not ask assistance from Mr Villon or MPC. Mr Villon offered to donate $800. This was a personal donation unless Mr Villon was reimbursed by MPC and so Mr Pimentel can rightly claim that MPC donated the money. (more…)

People choose their own truths and believe what they want to believe. Mr. Pimentel has chosen to swallow Villon’s truth, even with all the twists and turns, after all he is getting a space in return for his MPC defense. Mr. Pimentel may go on spasms but the facts remain the same.

Yes, I was a part of the steering committee. However, my involvement has no bearing on the issue nor does it change the facts previously stated.

And to reiterate, Villon as an individual nor MPC as a collective entity did not rescue PCC in any way. And I say this without fear or favour and knowing that I have done my part in contributing to the MPC cause in the early days.

But what is even more amusing and revealing is the sudden change of heart. Only yesterday I received a very nice email from Mr. Pimentel, even calling me “hija” and inviting me to join his Filpress group. “You could add spice to the group” he said and he signed off “abrazos” (hugs). The timing was dubious and perhaps he was hoping to make me an ally. Obviously it is only after reading my piece that he has had a change of heart about me. That’s two contradictory and conflicting opinions within a day! Obviously I must have hit a raw nerve or maybe it’s simply the nature of the beast.

Benjie de Ubago

Ms Benjie de Ubago would not be the person to take an impartial position on any issue, predictable as her one-eyed views have been against the MPC and, at one time, against Kate Andres over the PCC-NSW constitution when she turned a simple press conference into a raging debate. (more…)

Mr. Pimentel’s recent attack on PCC provided a comparison of PCC and the MPC or PACF as it is now called. It would have been best if Mr. Pimentel listened to his own advice of “walk the talk” and also did a little sweating and/or did the out of pocket trick before he made the comments. Sadly, I can’t remember if he ever joined a committee or if he even was there. So allow me re-butt his sweeping statements. (more…)