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Monday, April 9 is the 70th anniversary of one of the most harrowing chapters in the history of the U.S. military — the defeat of U.S. and Philippine forces defending the Bataan Peninsula, a 60-mile-long strip of land east of Manila.

In the days and months that followed the fall of Bataan, the Japanese forced American and Filipino troops to walk more than 60 miles to a prison camp. More than 15,000 of the troops died during what came to be called the Bataan Death March. (more…)

The 2012 annual sports competition between Ateneo and De La Salle alumni kicks off this year with a golf tournament on May 5, Saturday.

The golf match will be at Dunheved Golf Course in St. Marys. Interested players must register by 6:00 am for a tee off at 6:45 am. (more…)

So much has been said and written about the Filipino Multi-Purpose Centre which is better known as the MPC. Members of the Board of Trustees, The Filipino Australian Community Foundation (PACF) now refer to it as the Philippine Australian Community Centre (PACC), apparently to disassociate the Schofields property from the former MPC in Rooty Hill which has, over the years earned a bad image, due to non-completion. (more…)

In their battle for supremacy, food giants Coles and Woolworths quite often advertise generous discounts such as Dollar Dazzlers and Red Spot Sales. These are part of their efforts to lure more customers into their stores.

However, many shoppers just pick discounted items off the shelf and do not usually bother to check what has actually been charged at the checkout counter. Actual experience has taught your Consumer Advocate that the amount charged is sometimes greater than the shelf price. (more…)

I have just read the new guidelines [on outbound travel] released by airport and seaport authorities in the Philippines. It is composed of 7 pages and too lengthy to be published in this paper. Having perused it, I have the following observations: (more…)