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In his column that appears in page 6, Boy Galang dared MPC chairman Mansueto Villon, to donate the $200,000 interest bearing loan that he extended to the unfinished project.

The loan amount appears in the MPC website and continues to accumulate interest at 8% per annum. We do not have information as to how often the interest is compounded but it sure adds up to the burden of donors whose regular contribution is hardly sufficient to cover interest expense. ‘Boy Galang’ who is very well known to the editor, promised to reveal his real identity once Mr. Villon and Ms. Luz Tiqui step down. Read related information in the editorial.

    MANILA, Philippines. May 29, 2012.

The Senate, sitting as an impeachment court today handed a guilty verdict against Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Twenty of 23 senator-judges voted to oust Corona.

Corona goes down in history as the first public official in the Philippines to be forced out of office by an impeachment court. (more…)

The Philippine Sentinel deserves honor and admiration [from] all over the world. The editor is very brave in exposing questionable projects like the MPC. After 25 years of fooling Filipino Australians and other nationalities who are mostly Catholics and even priests, now you came out to defend us. (more…)

If ever this MPC is to continue, we do not need the old and antique faces. They have proven their worth — NOTHING! We do not need new young faces who are related to the old fascist administration. A snake is a snake is a snake. (more…)

There was much jubilation on the part of Philippine Australian Community Foundation (PACF) directors when NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell declared that their application for a grant has been approved. (more…)