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On the issue of hazing

There have been varied reactions to the Open Letter and articles published about hazing and the Aquila Legis Fraternity of Ateneo Law School. These reactions vary from support, complacency, and outright rejection. (more…)

Ateneo de Manila University 20 June 2012
Office of the President

Dear Mr. Crescini,

Peace to you. Please forgive me [for] this delay in replying to you. Thank you for bringing fraternity related violence to my attention. I wish to assure you that I have raised this issue ti me and again to our Law School. We have been firm in resolving this issue, even at the risk of being brought to court. as evidenced by the cases that have been brought to my office for review. We do not recognize these fraternities and we make it a point to orient our new students even during the admissions process on the issue of these fraternities. I am told that even the recruitment process of these fraternities is done surreptitiously now at the undergraduate level before they enter the Law School. As you are aware, the roots of this problem go deep.

I am hopeful that our renewed thrust in mission and identity, as translated into concrete formation goals and strategies for the professional schools will uproot the violence that thrive in these fraternities.


(original signed)
Jose Ramon T. Villarin, SJ

(Editor’s Note: Above letter was sent by Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin, SJ in reply to my Open Letter which was published in Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 11, 2012.)

by Aries Rufo (

    MANILA, Philippines

— Tempest is brewing in one of the richest dioceses in the Philippines.

Priests and lay leaders have asked the Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Giuseppi Pinto, to look into the finances of the Diocese of Parañaque under Bishop Jesse Mercado for alleged misuse of funds. They also want Mercado removed, for sowing division among the clergy for his double-standard policy. (more…)

PCC-NSW, the peak body organization of Philippine associations in the State, has achieved a major milestone with the launch of its new headquarters at the Nirimba Business Centre, Quakers Hill on June1, 2012. After more than two decades of existence, the wheels were finally set in motion and came to fruition. (more…)

We just had a series of increases in our electricity bill. And it has nothing much to do about power consumption. Many received a bill 3 times what they used to see in their statement. (more…)