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Hermaneli Torrevillas, MD talks about his medical practice; how he lost his lifetime savings in a scam; why he lost his licence to practice medicine in Australia. He also admitted to a near suicide attempt because of severe depression that followed. At a ripe age of 75, he has written 3 books and is trying to raise money to go back into private practice. This is his story. (more…)

Most Baby Boomers will remember that it was 40 years ago on September 21, 1972 when then President Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Martial Law through Proclamation No. 1081. The infamous declaration covered the entire Republic of the Philippines.

His declaration was really an insult to the intelligence of Filipinos. What he really wanted was to perpetuate himself in power as President of the Philippines. I call it a stupid scenario jointly orchestrated by himself and his former Defence Minister Juan Ponce Enrile who now serves as Senate President. (more…)

Recently, in the wake of what happened to Marc Andrei Marcos of San Beda College in the Philippines, a neophyte who requested not to be named, elaborated on his ordeal. (more…)

Some taxpayers might be wondering when they find an additional levy along with Medicare levy after preparing their 2012 Tax Return. That is Flood Levy. (more…)

When you buy a property, you might wonder how you split the ownership generally between you and your spouse. (more…)