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There are unconfirmed reports about a plan by the Diocese of Parramatta to discontinue the Filipino Chaplaincy because Filipinos are already well integrated into the different parishes. I speak only for the Filipino community and not for the other ethnic communities.

I am not privy to what other reasons the Catholic hierarchy might have for this plan but my main concern is the preservation of our culture. (more…)

I support Dr. Hermaneli Torevillas to be reinstated to active medical practice. I was his patient for many years. I consulted him for [many] illness conditions, work related injury, housing concerns. treatment of my visiting relative and specialist referral. (more…)

October 18, 2012. Sydney. As I have been telling everyone, I am no great lover of Filipino food. I insist that the statement does not make me less Filipino or less patriotic. It is just that I cannot tolerate the smell of patis or fish sauce and the live squirmy creatures I found in bagoong (shrimp paste) when I was a young lad. (more…)

October 3, 2012. Sydney. Philippine National Police Chief Nicanor Bartolome returns from Canberra after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Australian Federal Police on October 2. (more…)

It is impossible for the Philex operations managers and their veteran engineers not to know Tailings Dam No. 3 could break anytime. They knew It was built in 1992 and had a life span of 20 years, or up to 2012. So why is there still no Tailings Dam No. 4 when Dam No. 3 should be full by now? Building a new dam takes years. They should have built one years ago. Was it mismanagement or greed? Was the setup of a new dam intentionally deferred? (more…)