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Tuesday, February 5th, 2013. Zamboanga City.

All eight Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) guerrillas killed in a clash with Abu Sayyaf bandits on Jolo island were beheaded.

With 18 of the bandits also dead, 26 people were killed altogether in the gun battle between the Abu Sayyaf and MNLF guerrillas who are trying to secure the release of hostages kept for months in the Jolo jungles, according to police and MNLF tallies released Monday. (more…)

(Random thoughts about Martial Law—Part 3)

February 23, 1986. Manila. This month we celebrate the 27th anniversary of the People Power Revolution, otherwise known as the Edsa Revolution of 1986.

Led by then National Defence Chief Juan Ponce Enrile and Philippine Army General Fidel Ramos, a bloodless revolution against the Filipino Dictator began. (more…)

January 15, 2013. 1800 hrs. I received a call from a woman reader who did not want to give her name. When asked, she merely identified herself as a Filipino Muslim.

She referred to a story published in the January 2013 issue about an Afghan girl who was killed over her refusal to marry. (more…)

What features make a great apartment that renters will love and will make you money when you sell?

Unique appeal

Look for a feature that sets your apartment aside from others, whether it is larger floor size, a view, hallway entrance or hardwood floors that could be polished up. (more…)

An investigation regarding the origin and proliferation of news about the alleged abolition of the Filipino Chaplaincy has been traced to a non-Filipino priest. It turned out that he was the same person who later dismissed the news as “mischievous rumours,” in an attempt to save face.

Further enquiries revealed that the Bishop of Parramatta was not even aware of the alleged plan.

In an interview conducted by another newspaper, the bishop confirmed that the Filipino Chaplaincy in the diocese is here to stay. Fr. Renato Elago, from New Zealand who was originally perceived to be the new Filipino Chaplain could not be reached for comment.