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Over the years, I felt joy in having witnessed our “baby” (then known as the AAAA) grow and mature to its current state. Sixteen years seem to have whizzed by. We’ve seen people come and go. I never envisioned how and where the AAA would evolve. (more…)

My Fellow Ateneo Alumni:

We are paying the price of becoming a duly registered and structured body. We’re fighting among ourselves about technicalities and ruining friendships. Our problems had compounded when we joined another organisation such as the ”umbrella” PCC-NSW, which has been even more political in actual practice. (more…)

Two premier university alumni associations in New South Wales have withdrawn their respective memberships from the Philippine Community Council of NSW (PCC-NSW). It seems that the decision to disassociate from PCC stemmed from the recent hullabaloo that took place within PCC during the recent months leading to the celebration of the Philippine National Day Ball. (more…)

Blacktown Federal MPs, Michelle Rowland and Ed Husic, have condemned the latest decision by the Liberals in Blacktown Council to sell off 33 local parks and reserves for residential development and called on the Federal Liberal candidates in Blacktown to state a position on the decision. (more…)

In a recent meeting of the board of the Philippine Community Council of NSW, the unexpected happened. Three PCC board members whom the Philippine Australian Disaster Emergency Relief committee (PADER) wanted to be sacked were pardoned. The meeting was held on June 12, 2013. It was attended by at least 3 members of PADER who also happened to be directors of PCC. (more…)