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When I left the Philippines for the United States in 1978, life in the land of my birth was like a page out of a Dickens’ novel, A Tale of Two Cities. Outside the fortified walls where the elite live were shanty towns where the poor and the disenfranchised eked out a living scrounging through the garbage of the wealthy. The country was ruled by the same dynastic families that had been running the country since time immemorial. People went into politics not to serve the country but to serve themselves. Corruption was a way of life. (more…)

Tenpin Bowling Australia is preparing to host an exciting international bowling tournament attracting close to 200 players and officials at AMF’s state-of-the-art, 34-lane bowling centre in the Rooty Hill RSL complex in Sydney’s west. (more…)

We have heard so much about this ailment but not too many are fully aware of what it really is, when it will strike, who are most susceptible to it, and the things that can be done when it is detected. (more…)

(Editor’s Note: This article was written by a former classmate who later became a Philippine government official. For obvious reasons, he has requested anonymity.)

Here’s a true story about Quran readers. After the signing of  the peace agreement  between Nur Misuari and the Philippine government, I had occasion to tour the battlefields of Mindanao with Mr. Misuari and the Iranian ambassador to the Philippines, to survey possible routes for a proposed Mindanao railway. (more…)

The former Fr. Dean McFalls just became a father in the literal sense, as the Stockton, California priest announced that he is resigning as pastor of St. Mary’s Church in order to welcome a baby boy into his life. (more…)