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Rizal sowed the idea; Bonifacio brought it to fruition
By Floro Quibuyen (30 Dec 2013)
Rizal and Bonifacio are the founding fathers of the Filipino nation. Rizal sowed the idea and provided the vision for the Filipino nation. Bonifacio, whose sesquicentennial we are celebrating this year, brought it to fruition. (more…)

There is a Tagalog term — “kapit-tukô.” Tukô is a type of lizard that has a very tight grip on whatever it grabs. The term became popularly used to describe certain people who would hang on to a position come what may and regardless of the consequences or repercussions it may have on his person or family. (more…)

TACLOBAN, Philippines. (AP) — Some 5,000 people have been confirmed dead in the onslaught of super typhoon Haiyan. There was an unofficial announcement that as many as 10,000 people might have died in Tacloban city on Leyte Island, just across Samar. As of press time, the government stopped the fatality count at 5,209. (more…)

(This is being published only as a matter of information but is not being encouraged.)

Australia has some of the most modern prostitution laws in the world and often cited as a success story in an effort to make sex work a safe and reasonable job for women. Unlike the United States where prostitution is outlawed, in Australia the state governments regulate prostitution generally. (more…)

The former First Lady of the Philippines, now the Ilocos Norte Representative in Congress, has lost one of her precious gems — her beach front mansion in Tolosa, Leyte. (more…)