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I am not asking for information regarding the several millions of dollars that were donated by several countries to the Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines. Hopefully, the money is in good hands and will eventually reach the right people. God forbid, not the ‘pork’ hungry politicians.

But there are some Filipinos in Sydney involved in fund raising activities whenever typhoons hit the Philippines. No less than 20 calamities hit our home country every year.

Each time it happens, some organisations and ‘civic-minded’ individuals engage in fund raising concerts supposedly aimed at helping the victims.

What I find interesting is where the money goes. I have yet to see an audited financial report declaring the gross amount earned versus legitimate expenses incurred to arrive at a net amount. I have seen on facebook conflicting dollar figures derived from such events as reported by some individuals. Why do the figures fluctuate? Shouldn’t there be a steady rise in the amount collected? Is facebook the proper venue to make the report? (more…)

Let your head not your heart have the deciding say when buying an investment property. It’s tempting to allow your emotions to get the upper hand if you are purchasing your own home, but if you don’t intend to live in the property, look at it with ‘investment eyes’ only. (more…)

MANILA, Philippines — The Office of the Ombudsman filed a P130 million forfeiture case and eight counts of perjury charges before the Sandiganbayan against former Chief Justice Renato Corona and his wife Cristina. (more…)

Manila. February 1945. World War II at its agonizing climax brought forth 100,000 burned, bayoneted, bombed, shelled and killed in the span of 28 days. Unborn babies were ripped from their mothers’ wombs. Babies were thrown up in the air and caught, impaled on bayonet tips. (more…)

About 3 million cubic metres of mud will be dumped near world heritage site after approval to expand Queensland coal port. (more…)