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When both sides have non-negotiables, issues beyond compromise, the only resort is an incision to contain the deadly cancer, nothing else, otherwise war on an unimaginable scale is as inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow. There is a time when all diplomatic initiatives become hypocrisy, economic sanctions to bring down inferior nations to their knees irrelevant, and street demonstrations facing a vicious army absurd. (more…)

Mother’s Day celebrations never fail to bring vivid memories of my mother. She was 70 when she died which is exactly my age today as I write this piece. It was a ripe age in the Philippines but luckily, that same age is regarded as young in Australia as the incumbent Prime Minister has plans of extending retirement age to 70. (more…)

Iyan ang maugong na sigaw nang marami na narinig sa MGM Grand, Las Vegas Nevada bago maganap ang ikalawang bakbakan nina Manny Pacquiao at Timothy Bradley. (more…)

In last month’s issue, we published that after getting re-elected as VP External of the Philippine Community Council (PCC) on March 15, Mr. Alric Bulseco resigned 5 days later. Just one day after he resigned through an email he sent to the PCC board, Bulseco made a retraction of his resignation. C’mon, Mr. Bulseco, please make up your mind.

Actress Nikki Guevara appeared in Philippine TV shows “Goals and Girls,” “Are You the Next Big Star?” and “Ang Sugo,” and was a performer in the local theatre scene before moving to the United States in pursuit of an acting career. (more…)