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Dear Tony Abbott,

I was at home one Thursday morning when the police knocked on my door and delivered the news that immediately shattered my life. It was only 32 days later that you would personally stand up in parliament to speak of my son, Jordan Rice. (more…)

Philippine Sentinel columnist Boy Galang slams Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey while comparing him to a hockey player who swings his stick blade and hits the most vulnerable — the pensioners, the students and those heavily dependent on Medicare. (more…)

On 13 May 2014 we saw a Budget that seeks to demolish the pillars of Australian society: universal healthcare, education for all and a fair pension.

This is a budget that pushes up the cost of living for every Australian family and hurts those who can least afford it most. (more…)

It was many years ago when we opened an account at St. George Bank, Westpoint Branch in Blacktown. They had at least ten teller windows and customers could just grab a ticket from a numbering machine, take a seat and wait for the number to be called. It was very convenient especially for elderly and disabled customers. (more…)

In spite of the recent changing of the guards, the Philippine Community Council of NSW continues to be plagued by problems that won’t go away. (more…)