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As previously mentioned in this paper, I am no great lover of Filipino food but I just couldn’t decline the invitation extended to me by Tourism Attaché

Consuelo Jones and Marideth Laquian, Reservations Manager of Shangri-La Sydney. As expected, the two ladies gave me hugs and kisses at the entrance to the restaurant. That was more than enough consolation for the long walk I took from Wynyard Station to the hotel location at The Rocks. (more…)

Alric Bulseco’s latest ballistic outburst during the PCC’s September board meeting left members appalled and shocked. As always, PCC President Jun Relunia took the high road and walked away. Some may look at it as an isolated case and may choose to cut him some slack but it really is one scream too many. The new members on the PCC Board should look at the whole picture and see that there is a pattern in this man’s behaviour. (more…)

In May 2005 Imelda Marcos needed US$1.5 million purportedly to pay for legal services rendered by the lawyers who handled her cases abroad. Her immediate problem was sourcing. The Philippine government has apparently been doing an excellent job in ensuring that  the sequestered Marcos assets remained sequestered, and beyond the reach of the former First Lady. The formal banking sector was obviously out of bounds, leaving her no alternative but to tap sources within the underground economy under conditions of secrecy and anonymity. (more…)

Bulseco is a shame to Ateneo. Infidelities in marriage; a party to the anomalies committed by the previous PCC board; indiscretions in the Philippine Community Council (PCC). There are a lot more. All this is happening as he portrays himself as an Atenean — representing the school in various civic and community organizations and sporting events! (more…)

There are reports that Alric Bulseco once again blew his top during the last board meeting of the Philippine Community Council – NSW (PCC). True to his uncontrollable explosive temper, this ‘gentle’ man from Ateneo de Davao was enraged by last month’s article in Philippine Sentinel about the “Ugnayan turned Ungguyan.” He blamed some members of the PCC board for the media leak but could not pinpoint which one in particular. (more…)