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It has been revealed that Indonesia has managed to save 189 of its citizens on death row in other countries in the past three years after the government pleaded for mercy on their behalf. This comes as condemned Australians Andrew Chan (centre) and Myuran Sukumaran (left) battle in court to prevent their execution for drug crimes. Repeated appeals for clemency from the Australian government and Foreign Minister Jule Bishop (top right) to Indonesian President Joko Widodo (bottom right) have been rejected. (Daily Mail)

PACF asked for a government grant to improve the Philippine Australian Cultural Centre but later decided to sell the property. (more…)

I read about another bus crash, this time a horrid one involving Dela Rosa Transit crushing a private vehicle into the back of another bus operator on EDSA. Apparently it is now so common that people just stand around taking cell phone photos rather than look on in horror. At what stage will the Philippine government stop and realise that the bus industry needs to change dramatically and consider rail investment instead? (more…)

As Tony Abbott and so many of his cabinet colleagues are Catholics, they will naturally be aware that 3rd February was the Feast of the Armenian bishop and martyr, St. Blaise, often invoked for protection against injuries to the throat and its illnesses. (more…)

I’ve read with interest your article on the AAA and what is going on [within the alumni association]. What some members are doing or trying to do is something typical. Everybody wants to be “head honcho” with a title. (more…)