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  • Must have previous experience as a cleaner.
  • Must speak Basic English as minimum requirement.
  • Always paid on time.
  • Part-time jobs available in all areas in Sydney.
  • Call P&D on 9126 9491.

It is bad enough that we have the Annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney but many people tolerate the celebration as it caters to tourism, a good source of revenue for the government. What I cannot accept is gay marriage. Last month, Labor’s Bill Shorten introduced a bill that intends to make legitimate the relationship between two men or between two women. To me it is no different from making legal sodomy which is the very reason why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. I will not bother to discuss lesbianism. Suffice it to say that it will enhance the production and sale of sex toys among homosexuals. (more…)

Japan wants to beef up Philippine defences, especially in the Luzon Strait, the alternative route for oil ships to Japan if the Taiwan Strait is closed. The US and Japan want a naval facility in Batanes, at dead center of the strait. President Aquino has visited Japanese PM Abe to cement a mutual defence treaty. (more…)

Speaking at the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Fellows Forum, US President Barack Obama tells China to “quit throwing elbows in the West Philippine Sea and subscribe to internationally-accepted methods of resolving the dispute.” (more…)

Popularly known as “Huey” helicopters, Department of Defence Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Undersecretary Fernando Manalo could be charged with plunder for signing off on the purchase of scrap helicopters refurbished from a junk yard in Germany. (more…)