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When questioned about his immorality during the last Ateneo Alumni Australia (AAA) board meeting that I attended, Bulseco went ballistic, shouting all over the room that he is a divorcee. That is his usual justification for womanizing. Shortly after his divorce, he has had at least four known girlfriends, one of whom is a woman from the same school in Davao. (more…)

Woodcroft NSW. Sept. 9, 2015. — During an informal interview conducted today by this writer with PACF CEO Luz Tiqui, the latter confirmed that the Philippine Australian Community Foundation has purchased a property located at No. 50 Forge Street Blacktown. The PACF board manages the affairs of the Filipino Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC). (more…)

I was being recruited to join the Ateneo Alumni Association of Australia (AAAA) by fellow alumnae of Ateneo de Davao University. I obliged by attending one of the events to check if joining AAAA would be worth my time. Alas, after witnessing Bulseco’s arrogance matched with pure hypocrisy (by being over friendly — beware if someone is over friendly, he/she wants something from you — was what my father used to say), I decided not to waste my time on my alma mater’s alumni association here in Sydney. (more…)

It is sad that the Australian Labor Party (ALP) refers to this dumb proposal as ‘marriage equality.’ Maybe a better and more straight forward term to use — though still dumb — is ’same-sex marriage’ or ‘gay marriage.’ (more…)

“Extortion by government officials would be a lot less of a problem if we stopped making it so easy for them.” (more…)