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The road to history is long and winding and requires vigilance and utmost will.  Filipinos have been part of the fabric of the United States even before the 1700s with the first recorded settlement in Louisiana.  Since then, Filipinos have made significant contributions in the labor movement, during World War II (in the U.S. and the Philippines) and in the civil rights movement.   But why is it that our place in the history of the United States remains obscure?  There are approximately 3.4 million Filipinos in the United States as of the 2010 census, making it the second largest Asian population in the country and the largest in California.  While we are making some strides in the local level in California, we have yet to have representation in the U.S. Congress or Senate. (more…)

When questioned about his immorality during the last Ateneo Alumni Australia (AAA) board meeting that I attended, Bulseco went ballistic, shouting all over the room that he is a divorcee. That is his usual justification for womanizing. Shortly after his divorce, he has had at least four known girlfriends, one of whom is a woman from the same school in Davao. (more…)

September 16, 2015He wanted to be mayor in the City of Blacktown but for the second time in a row, Blacktown City Councillor Jess Diaz lost to Labor Party Councillor Stephen Bali. (more…)

Philippine players to compete.

Western Sydney will host a World Baseball Classic Qualifier in 2016, which will feature some of the world’s best players competing for a spot in the prestigious event. (more…)

September 16. Elected Mayor is Stephen Bali and Deputy is Jacqueline Donaldson. The latter who is supposed to be a member of the Liberal Party resigned as Liberal and voted for the LABOR candidate. The chance of  Jess Diaz to be elected Mayor went caput because of this. (more…)