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Contrary to what was said by Mr. Jun Relunia, immediate past president of the Philippine Community Council during the PCC board meeting held last month, there was nothing personal about the complaint lodged by the editor of Philippine Sentinel about Alric Bulseco (picture shown)Alric File Photo (more…)

The only positive thing that the incumbent PCC president Evelyn Beed and secretary Darrell Swadling did was to acknowledge receipt of my email complaint. And yet, PCC director Bobby Lastica declared that it was not valid because it was not signed. As if my photo and name on this editorial is not proof enough that the complaint is authentic. That’s another technical bulls * * t! (more…)

This is not personal. There is nothing personal in this column. This is questioning the integrity of an organisation that claims to be the peak body who have been in denial for so long and who fails to see that the faults of one of their members continue to harm the reputation of PCC-NSW. (more…)

October 6, 1965, the engines of a DC8 plane roared at the Manila International Airport, taxied the tarmac, accelerated down the runway and Philippine Airlines (PAL) leaped to the skies making its inaugural flight to Sydney, Australia. (more…)

“We’re responding to considerable consumer concern…” — said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on ABC News. It has been confirmed that the Federal Government will implement new laws to cap credit card surcharges in Australia. (more…)