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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) last month welcomed more than 50 key representatives, from government and community organisations, to discuss multicultural community engagement for the 2016 Census of Housing and Population on 9 August 2016. (more…)

All honourable men? All except one, or maybe another two who do not deserve the post. But in this editorial, let me concentrate on one poor excuse of a person who thinks his virility is dependent on the number of girlfriends that he has had. On top of that, he on several occasions has interpreted the Philippine Community Council (PCC) constitution wrongly and in accordance with what suits him and his cohorts. The sad thing is that the majority of board members believed him, especially those who have not bothered to read the constitution. (more…)

Seventy years after the end of World War II, the shameful act of sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army has finally come to a “negotiated” end between Japan and South Korea in what many believe was driven by the geopolitical realities in the volatile East Asia. (more…)

January 17,2016. Blacktown NSW. The afternoon was sizzling hot but the voice of Ms Gina Lopez somehow cooled the day with her soft suave voice as she made a very inspiring presentation about how eco-tourism can help alleviate poverty in many parts of the Philippines. (more…)

A hopeful fluttering heartbeat, sweaty nervous hands and eager eyes while you wait for the mailman. There was once a time when chocolates and handwritten letters on scented paper sealed with a kiss were the currency of love. (more…)