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According to the Honolulu Star, the U.S. Senate has passed a bill authored by Sen. Mazie Hirono to make it possible for more than 260,000 Filipinos and Filipino-Americans, including 300 from Hawaii, to receive the highest civilian award that Congress can bestow — the Congressional Gold Medal. (more…)

  • The arbitration court in The Hague has finally ruled in favor of the Philippines
  • The Tribunal said there is no legal basis in China’s historic claims and that it

violated the sovereign rights of the Philippines

  • China is now under international pressure to accept the ruling or face the

possibility of being branded an international outlaw (more…)

Is she really that good, so as to demand $5,000 to sing two songs during the Philippine National Day Ball? I will not give a positive or negative answer but will leave it to those who witnessed her performance. (more…)

Finance chief speaks in retrospect. Midway into the interview, the 71-year-old Mr. Carlos Dominguez, who grew up in the same neighbourhood in Davao City as president Rodrigo R. Duterte but has long been based in Manila, hesitated as candid shots were taken of him. Quickly looking at his casual shirt, he said maybe it would be better if he just gave a file photo of himself. (more…)

Two US aircraft carrier groups have started operations in the Philippine Sea, in what the Philippine government said was a demonstration of Washington’s “ironclad commitment” as the world awaits a ruling by a United Nations tribunal on Manila’s petition to invalidate China’s so-called nine-dash line in the South China Sea. (more…)