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Jun Cayanan and Ed Husic at Woodcroft Festival

Nestor Reyes of Cavite City passed away in the early morning of September 18 at Bautista Hospital in Cavite City. He just turned 73 and is survived by his wife Evelyn and children Eric, Kristin, Erwin and Raissa. His only sister Vivian Crescini of Sydney, Australia, brothers Dennis of Los Angeles, California, Arsenio Jr., and Gilbert request the pious reader to pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

Do you ever think before you open your mouth? Do you ever look to your left and to your right before you cross any street? It seems to me that you just blurt out whatever comes to your mind without serious thinking. Your tongue is loose. (more…)

We are the largest Filipino newspaper in circulation in NSW. Unlike others, we use laser printing on clean white paper; no dirty smudges on finger. Colours are vivid, bright and attractive. Size is very handy; unlike tabloid size, pages are easy to turn. Most articles are controversial; what people want to know. We adhere to basic media tenet — no fear; no favour. We have our own printer; we can print as many copies based on demand.

I am not embarrassed to say that I cried in a restaurant in Makati where I was having breakfast when I saw the Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday edition with that front page photo [of a present day Pieta]. I have not been so moved by a photo in years. I could see the love, anguish, sorrow and despair in the face of the woman as she grieved over the body of her husband. (more…)