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It’s 2018 ? a brand-new year. For many, it’s time to turn over a new leaf, time to make resolutions. But how many of us are really capable of keeping resolutions? We are probably able to do it over the next few weeks, maybe months. Then oooops! A slip of the tongue, a lapse in memory. The tiny knot we virtually tied on our finger loosens and we easily forgot what we thought was a good thing to keep or remember doing or not doing for the rest of our lives. (more…)

New Pinoy Stop in Ingelburn photo AdMichelle Gumabao as beauty Queen photo

The former La Salle volleyball star is joining Binibining Pilipinas 2018. This will be a new challenge for the 25-year-old Michelle Gumabao, who has made a name for herself as one of the key players of the De La Salle team that won three UAAP championships. The 5-foot-10 stunner has also represented the country in the international stage. She is currently with Creamline in the Premier Volleyball League. (more…)

Money Tree photoIn the Philippines, many people are afraid to go near a Balete tree. They believe that this tree is       haunted or is the chosen dwelling of preternatural creatures. But there is one particular Balete   tree located beside a national highway in Sitio Dikiri in Pasuguin, Ilocos Norte that people visit quite   often. The tree is full of peso bills and coins. There are even some foreign currencies inserted between its roots. (more…)

Noodle and Dumpling photo

He came. He cursed. He conquered ? The Congress.

DU30 and Marcos photo

Whatever Duterte wants, Duterte gets. The dull and duly elected Philippine Senators and Congresspersons are behaving as the Romans did, who were in awe of Julius Caesar’s successful military campaigns to keep the empire intact. That’s a cautionary tale, however, as some of those same senators did to him in an extrajudicial killing, leading to that classic line, “Et tu, Brutus?” (more…)