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In the Makati district of Manila in the Philippines, there’s a large sign outside the front of an otherwise unassuming house stating “free reading to the public”. Over the last fifteen years, Ernando ‘Nanie’ Guanlao has transformed his home into a library, open to anyone and everyone. (more…)

A.S.K. Council of Australia is an affiliate of A.S.K. Foundation Inc. of the Philippines and its fund raising arm in Sydney. (more…)

From the rubbles of the earthquake that shook Bohol on October 2013, rise the Loboc Children’s Choir to sing of faith, goodwill and hope. The Choir will be touring New Zealand (June 10-20) and Australia – Melbourne (June 21-28); Canberra (June 29-30); and Sydney (July 3 and 4). (more…)

SEVEN Rotarians from the Sydney suburb of Carlingford in Australia took part recently in the blessing and launching of 92 fishing boats in Carles, Iloilo on the island of Panay in the Philippines. (more…)

HONG KONG—In the lead up to the first anniversary of typhoon Yolanda’s destruction of the Visayas islands, a Filipino donor group in Hong Kong had to learn the hard way how ‘in-kind’ donations from abroad may be best sent back home. (more…)