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With over 9 years experience in commercial & retail banking,  Miss Yuri Mariano brings with her dedication, passion and knowledge to every scenario. (more…)

The days of airlines applying card surcharges up to 1187 per cent more than they should be are over, with the passage of new legislation. (more…)

A powerful parliamentary committee has slammed the big 4 banks for cutting off services to money remitters, leaving hundreds of legitimate businesses stranded without bank accounts. (Source: News Corp Australia) (more…)

Alternative remittance service providers were in the Federal Court in Sydney seeking orders preventing Westpac from closing their accounts on the grounds that the bank had engaged in “misleading and deceptive conduct.” (more…)

In any kind of business, the basic principle is to maximize profit. But what is the real motive of banks in closing the accounts of remittance companies? Can banks equal the service provided? Are they even willing?

Last month, St. George Bank threatened to close the accounts of remittance companies suspected of money laundering. St. George appears to be the last among other big banks that have earlier made a similar move. (more…)