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Do you know that you can live an eco-friendly life each day without sacrificing comfort and health?

There have been lots of articles and shows written and produced about it but it seems many more are not heeding the call to live “green” to offset the harmful effects of global warming. (Unless you belong to that group living in the past who’s still in denial about this looming problem.) I have met a lot of people who still “worship” their cars! Filipinos especially adore their cars! They cannot believe when someone says he doesn’t own one or [at least] holds a driving license! (more…)

The election would have been finished by the time this column is published. However, allow me to expound on the emerging truth that almost always accompanies civil exercises like elections.

Regardless of whoever won, the public would have been exposed to a level of politics that can only be described as dirty! (more…)

Emily, a Filipina resident of Milan for 20 years, had to stay at the airport hotel as she didn’t have a visa to enter Abu Dhabi. A Pinoy mother travelling with her two-year-old daughter was helped by my husband as she struggled with 6 pieces of luggage on the way to the busy domestic terminal. They too couldn’t get out to Abu Dhabi City but they were provided free meals by the airline staff.

We met another Italian couple, a Filipina from the Visayas [region] and a retired train worker. They joined us at Golden Tulip Al Jazira Resort. Other Westerners were treated just as well. We were like a big family sharing our stories of joys and pain as we coped with our trying situation. (more…)

by Marie Rea

A few months ago, there was an article in “The Australian” newspaper about some 70 Filipino workers in an iron ore project in the Pilbara being retained after sacking 54 of its Australian workers.

Naturally, there was an expected backlash against those “foreign workers.” Together with our native “kababayans”, the Adelaide based $5.2 billion Chinese-owned Ottoway Engineering have been the subject of intense ire by Australian workers, with the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union questioning why migrant workers are given priority over the local workers. (more…)

Luckily, we booked with Etihad.

You might think you’re reading a paid ad for this airline but I have to tell you what a wise decision we made to fly with them during our recent trip to Europe! As our London and Paris flights have been cancelled last April 16, 2010, we still managed to enjoy the time we spent “stranded” in the United Arab Emirates. (more…)