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The Davao City Mayor may not have said “Make my Day” just as Clint Eastwood did in the film “Dirty Harry” but he might as well have uttered the very same phrase for every killing that happened in the southern city of the Philippines. (more…)

From sporadic shootings to increasing terror threats, we understand why the government wants to toughen anti-terrorism laws. (more…)

Many have received unexpected calls from a person stating that he is from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP). The caller says you owe the ATO money and that there is a warrant for your immediate arrest for non-payment. (more…)

They are angry, distressed and heartbroken. Their dream holidays crushed and family reunions ruined. (more…)

Murder. Sex crimes. Drug trafficking. They have committed some of the most gruesome and serious crimes in Australia. But they could be anywhere. The problem is they are fugitives — on the run loose in our own communities. (more…)