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It’s 2018 ? a brand-new year. For many, it’s time to turn over a new leaf, time to make resolutions. But how many of us are really capable of keeping resolutions? We are probably able to do it over the next few weeks, maybe months. Then oooops! A slip of the tongue, a lapse in memory. The tiny knot we virtually tied on our finger loosens and we easily forgot what we thought was a good thing to keep or remember doing or not doing for the rest of our lives. (more…)

My latest visit to the Philippines led me to this above-captioned hypothesis. As I walked the streets of Metro Manila, I saw children begging from passers-by and from motorists stuck in traffic. I saw adults with their children sleeping on sidewalks, wearing filthy and tattered clothes. They stink from afar, obviously unable to take a shower for many days, maybe even months. To say that these people live in poverty is an understatement. They live no better than stray dogs. It’s a big mystery where they go for their toilet needs. (more…)

MailOnline reported in May on another case of a young girl who bleeds from her eyes, nose, ears and skin every time she gets a headache.

Phakamad Sangchai, aged 7, from Nongkghai, Thailand, started profusely bleeding more than six months ago. (more…)

Woman, 21, ’sweats’ BLOOD from her face and the palms of her hands when she feels stressed or exercises and even when she sleeps in a bizarre case that has baffled doctors. (more…)

MANILA ? Two Social Security System officials linked to a stock investment controversy have resigned, the pension fund’s chairman Amado Valdez said. (more…)