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Dino Crescini is a self-made business tycoon. Rags to riches. He is called by newspapers as ‘The Octopus’, head of a multi-billion conglomerate which has his tentacles on almost everything from utilities to telecommunications, computers to cars, shampoo to ice cream. You name it, he owns it. He is in his sixties, gray haired, quick-tempered, bossy, and vicious. He is called covertly in the office as ‘Hitler’. Everyone is scared of him.

His office is as big as half a basketball court, with a glass wall-window overlooking the east side of Sydney. His desk is as large as a pool table, glass and chrome, only one folder and a telephone on top, nothing else. He starts his day at 7 a.m. As the sun turns red-orange across Sydney Harbour Bridge, he drops everything and begins to relax. There is a knock at the door. (more…)