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Maria Francesca Tan was just 6 years old when she started thinking of ways to make money. She reminisces, “Each day, I would always wait for my dad to come home and ask him how much he made that day. One time, he jokingly said he made zero.” Thus, at such an early age, she had already decided that she would never be a doctor like her father. (more…)

Let your head not your heart have the deciding say when buying an investment property. It’s tempting to allow your emotions to get the upper hand if you are purchasing your own home, but if you don’t intend to live in the property, look at it with ‘investment eyes’ only. (more…)

History rarely repeats itself and this is certainly true of buying a home second time around. As an established — or next time buyer — you have experience on your side but there are many new challenges to encounter that you may not have dealt with as a first home buyer. (more…)

Investing in property can help build wealth for retirement in a way that superannuation, savings or the stock market cannot. (more…)

If there’s one topic property investors rarely agree on, it’s what makes a better investment: old or new? (more…)