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Money Tree photoIn the Philippines, many people are afraid to go near a Balete tree. They believe that this tree is       haunted or is the chosen dwelling of preternatural creatures. But there is one particular Balete   tree located beside a national highway in Sitio Dikiri in Pasuguin, Ilocos Norte that people visit quite   often. The tree is full of peso bills and coins. There are even some foreign currencies inserted between its roots. (more…)

An Australian army captain has suggested sex workers be sent to the front line to relieve soldiers from their stress. (more…)

An Indonesian man who claims to be the longest living human in recorded history has described how he “just wants to die.” Mbah Gotho, from Sragen in central Java, was born on December 31, 1870, according to the date of birth on his identity card. (more…)

Sydney model Evelin Hegyesi was invited to a lot of parties around the world after she appeared in a 1969 Playboy magazine spread entitled “Girls of Australia”. One of those parties was at the Malacañang Palace in Manila where a still naïve Hegyesi met the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. For Marcos, it was love at first sight. (more…)

The Huffington Post reported that Kenneth Douglas, the 60-year old self-confessed necrophilic, has admitted to have had intercourse with over 100 women’s corpses, most of which were being stored for autopsy, from 1979 to 1999. (more…)