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This is my rejoinder to Ms Prima West’s response to my article “SAFSI PRESIDENT PRIMA WEST  REFUSES TO PERFORM HER ROLE,” [which was] published in the July issue of your much acclaimed publication. (more…)

I am not embarrassed to say that I cried in a restaurant in Makati where I was having breakfast when I saw the Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday edition with that front page photo [of a present day Pieta]. I have not been so moved by a photo in years. I could see the love, anguish, sorrow and despair in the face of the woman as she grieved over the body of her husband. (more…)

I refer to the article written by Aida Morden in your July issue regarding alleged issues within SAFSI (Sydney Australian Filipino Seniors Inc). Ms. Morden has chosen to label me “confused” and “ill-advised” for my refusal to meet with her. (more…)

I have never been an “in your face” guy about political or any religious concerns , and have a truly great love of our beautiful country Australia, with all her natural beauty and easy civilian and community ways. Recently, Della plus 3 other mature adults, one a 73-year-old German National whom I had never met, and myself went to a “Muslim” open to the public day in a 1,200 seat Arabic community centre in the Auburn area of Sydney . (more…)

I hate Duterte’s arrogance so much — banning journalists from private networks to cover his activities, shouting expletives in his speeches, disrespecting the Catholic Church, and worst of all — giving the public a license to kill “criminals”! (more…)