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This surgical technique allows for a less invasive approach to a number of procedures. Laparoscopy is a less invasive way of performing surgery to diagnose or treat a variety of medical conditions. (more…)

Warning to those who like to eat raw beef.

A man suffering from stomach pain was found have a 20ft tapeworm inside his small intestine. (more…)

BIMINI, The Bahamas — Medical specialists based here are conducting extensive research and experiments on the case of an ailing Philippine senator who apparently sprang back to good health after being sprung from jail by the Philippines’ Supreme Court. (more…)

INSIGHTEC developed Exablate — a therapy platform that combines Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Focused Ultrasound to non-invasively treat tumors inside the body without the need for incisions. (more…)

WASHINGTON, United States — Johns Hopkins University doctors are preparing for what would be the first US penis transplant, a procedure that could potentially help hundreds of wounded veterans. A Johns Hopkins spokeswoman confirmed a New York Times report that the first such operation was planned for a soldier who suffered genital injuries in a bomb blast in Afghanistan. (more…)